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is well-known for her accomplishments as a musician, model, actress, show host, social media influencer, and entrepreneur. In addition to being a singer, pianist, and composer, Jennifer plays more than ten different Chinese instruments, most notably, dizi and xiao. From her crowning of the Miss Friendship Ambassador of Chicago 2015, she went on to win an impressive total of five national and international titles such as the Miss China International 2017 and the Brilliant Miss World 2020. In addition, Jennifer has received numerous awards in musical performing arts, for instance, first prize by 2018 Chinese Songwriter Contest in the US, Best Asian Entertainer Nominee by 2018 & 2019 Chicago Music Award, Best Music Video Award by 2019 US-China Film Festival, and Funniest "Stay-at-Home" Short Film by 2020 Asian Pop-Up Cinema. In 2019, Jennifer is invited to heat up the stage of NBC's popular TV show - America's Got Talent, as the only Asian traditional instrumentalist, in its fourteen seasons.  Having performed at over 500 concerts and events around the world, Jennifer has showcased her musical talents in front of many leaders of our generation, such as former President of the US Barack Obama, Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau, Bill Gates, Jack Ma, Anna Wintour, and Cindy Crawford. Jennifer also represented and collaborated with companies including Visit Florida, Google, Apple, United Airlines, Ferarri, Meijer, Brita, and Uniqlo. With a large loyal following on multiple social media platforms, her original songs including: "Flying High", "On the Throne" and "Foam of the Ocean” received millions of views and critical acclaim by the international press. Her involvement in numerous social and charitable causes has also won her a number of awards, such as Global Clean Environment Award by Action for Clean Environment 2020, Exemplary Community Service Award by Asian American Coalition of Chicago in 2017, and Chicago Emerging Leader Honoree by Mandarin Leader Magazine in 2015.  Jennifer graduated from Northwestern University with advanced studies at Berklee College of Music and China's Central Conservatory of Music.






Jennifer Zhang is a well-known musician, model, actress, show host, emcee, social media influencer, producer, and entrepreneur.



Jennifer plays more than ten different Chinese instruments, such as the Chinese transverse bamboo flute (dizi), Chinese vertical bamboo flute (xiao), Chinese bottle gourd silk (hulusi), Chinese reed flute (bawu), Chinese pan flute (paixiao), Chinese lute (pipa), 7-stringed zither (guqin), 21-stringed zither (guzheng), in addition to the piano. Furthermore, she is an accomplished vocalist and songwriter. Her musical journey started at the tender age of four under the guidance of China’s top-notch professors, such as Chunling Lu (dizi), Yue Chen (xiao), Xiaosheng Zhao (piano) and Baili Fang (piano). She graduated from Northwestern University with her bachelor's degree to later pursue advanced studies in Songwriting at Berklee School of Music in Boston and in Chinese Folk Music at Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing. 



Jennifer won numerous awards in musical excellence as well as many first prizes in various talent competitions. from her crowning of the Miss Friendship Ambassador of Chicago 2015, she went on to win an impressive total of five national and international titles such as the Miss China International 2017 and the Brilliant Miss World 2020. In addition, Jennifer has received numerous awards in musical performing arts, for instance, Best Music Video Award by 2019 US-China Film Festival, first prize by 2018 Chinese Songwriter Contest in the US, and first Prize by 2017 America's Got Cantonese Talent Singing CompetitionIn 2019, Jennifer is invited to heat up the stage of NBC's popular TV show - America's Got Talent, as the only Asian traditional instrumentalist, in its fourteen seasons. More of her recent accolades include: 




Crowned as Brilliant Miss World - Ranked No.1 Globally Among More Than 1000 Contestants (World Final)

Global Clean Environment Award (Entertainment) - Action for Clean Environment  (Seoul, South Korea)

Winner - 2020 Funniest "Stay At Home" Short Film Competition (Chicago)

Winner - Filter Photo Interior Life Show (Chicago)

Second Place - Kodak Professional Europe Photo Contest (Europe Final)


Judge - 2019 Miss Friendship Ambassador Pageant (Chicago)

Best Asian Entertainer Nominee -  Chicago Music Award (Chicago)



Best Music Video Award -  US-China Film Festival


First Prize - Chinese Songwriter Contest (US Final)


Best Asian Entertainer Nominee -  Chicago Music Award (Chicago)


First Prize - China Central Television (CCTV) Global Brand Ambassador Contest (US Final)


Judge - Second Annual Chinese Songs On-Campus Singing Contest (US Final)





First Prize - CCTV Global Band Ambassador Contest (Chicago)


Most Popular Young Chinese Artist Award - Chinese Radio Seattle (Seattle)


Miss China International - Miss China International  Pageant (China Final)


Audience Choice Award - Miss International Pageant (World Final)


Outstanding Overseas Musician Award - CCTV Huaren Channel (Beijing)


Featured Artist - International Music Alliance (US Final)  


First Prize - CCTV Star Talent Competition (Chicago)


First Prize- America's Got Cantonese Talent Singing Competition (US Final)


Exemplary Community Service Award - Asian American Coalition of Chicago (Chicago)





First Prize - Windy City Photography Contest (Chicago)





Miss Friendship Ambassador of Chicago - Chicago Chinatown Chamber of Commerce (Chicago)


Miss Chicago Chinese & Top Sixteen - Miss Chinese International Pageant (World Final)


Chicago Emerging Leader Honoree - Mandarin Leader Magazine  (Chicago)


Judge - Ninth Annual Voice of University of Illinois at Chicago Singing Contest (Chicago)




Judge -  Eighth Annual Voice of University of Illinois at Chicago Singing Contest (Chicago)


Judge - First Annual Eacast Media Group's Voice of Chicago Singing Contest (Chicago)


Judge - Eleventh Annual Voice of University of Chicago Singing Contest (Chicago)

Judge - Tenth Annual Voice of University of Chicago Singing Contest (Chicago)


Emerging Star Award - Seventh Annual China's National Print Model Competition (China Final)


Jennifer has illuminated the stages at hundreds of notable venues around the world. She was the opening musician for the 2017 Bloomberg Global Business Forum in NYC, where she played the dizi for over 250 heads of states and CEOs of multinational corporations, such as Justin Trudeau, Bill Gates, Jack Ma, and Michael Bloomberg. She has also showcased her musical talent in front of multiple preeminent leaders of our generation, for example, President Barack Obama, Anna Wintour, Tim Cook, Indra Nooyi, and Cindy Crawford. Her list of corporate clients is comprised of Apple, Google, Hutchison Whampoa Limited, MGM Grand, Caesars Entertainment, Northern Trust, Wells Fargo, Ecolab, Miller Light, and Presence Health, etc. Her generous heart has made her partner with lots of great non-profit organizations, for instance, Chicago Modern Orchestra Project, Fulcrum Point New Music Project, International Music Foundation, Illinois Arts Council Foundation, Lions Club International, and many more! Her achievements gave her the opportunity to headline concerts in a variety of cities around the globe including New York City, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, London, Paris, Milan, Seoul, Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. 



With her loyal following on multiple social media platforms, Jennifer released her original single 'Flying High' and pre-released her debut EP “Jennifer Zhang 张羽琪” to rave reviews. She wrote the EP entirely by herself and her other representative original songs include: “Warmth," "Foam of the Ocean,” and "Moonlit Castle,” etc. Her original single 'Flying High' has earned her the Best Music Video Award at the 2018 US-China Film Festival.



"Jennifer's excellent musical ability and graceful appearance is a beautiful scenery of Chicago, which has attracted the audience and intoxicated the critics,” Sing Tao Daily stated. Jennifer has been featured and interviewed by many major TV and radio stations, for instance, NBC, ABC, CBS, CMT, MTV, CCTV, Shanghai Media Group (SMG), Pear Video, TVB, the Style Network, Hawaii Public Radio, Chinese Radio Seattle, KPTZ, KOWS, WLUW, and WMFT. Jennifer was seen in numerous publications, for example, Chicago Sun-times, Chicago Tribune, Time Out Magazine, Chicago Magazine, Xinhua News, China News Agency, People's Daily, ON CC, UK Chinese Times, Argentinian Chinese Headlines,  Splash Magazines, Promo Magazine, Made Magazine, Haute Couture Magazine, Amour Magazine, and Import Tuner Magazine. She also appeared on magazine covers such as the Angel Rising Magazine's 2016 October Issue and the World Class Beauty Queens Magazine's 2017 March Issue.



Outside of music, Jennifer is a highly regarded model, actress, show host, emcee, and producer. She has shot commercials and been a spokesperson for lots of brands, such as Uniqlo, Blue Moon Brewing Co, Brita, Illinois DuPage County, Meijer Supercenter Chain, Allegiance Benefit Plan Management, Inc., Confucius International Education Group, and Noodoe Technology. She has also been the Chinese tourism ambassador for Visit Florida, to star in the 2018 Visit Florida video series. Winning multiple awards as a print model, Jennifer has rocked the runway for a plethora of fashion shows such as Chicago Couture Fashion Week, Fine Arts of Fashion, and Midwest Fashion Week. As an actress, Jennifer has landed a recurring role on NBC's Chicago P.D. and played the leading role for the comedy "A Girl's Gotta Do, etc." by A-Squared Theater. She has also acted in various commercials and short films including “The Windy City,” “Chinglish,” “Friday the 13th,” and “Machine Baby.” Jennifer worked as a news anchor and show host on WNDZ 750 AM. Having emceed countless major galas in both Chinese and English, she has produced many talk shows, music videos, talent showcases, and educational programs.



Due to her involvement in numerous social and charitable causes, Jennifer received a number of awards such as Global Clean Environment Award by Action for Clean Environment 2020, Exemplary Community Service Award by Asian American Coalition of Chicago in 2017, and Chicago Emerging Leader Honoree by Mandarin Leader Magazine in 2015. Following her success, she is giving back to her communities and developing other rising artists through her company - Jeneration Capital & Entertainment. Jennifer was elected as director for Eacast Media Group, board member for Action for Clean Environment, board member for Chinese American Museum of Chicago, and associate board member for VanderCook College of Music. She is founder of Northwestern University Club of China, the official alumni group in China for her proud Alma Mater - Northwestern University. Furthermore, she is a senior board member of Hong Kong Shanxi Chamber of Commerce, vice chair at North America Chinese Media Alliance, and an angel ambassador of Project Michael Angelo Foundation. 



Jennifer is a Shanghai native and currently lives in Chicago, Illinois. She enjoys listening to music, rehearsing for her performances, traveling, swimming, ice-skating, playing basketball, gardening, cooking, exploring different cuisines, taking care of her puppy Baethoven, and having good times with friends! 



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張羽琪Jennifer是美國知名華裔青年音樂家、模特、演員、主持人、網絡紅人。張羽琪不僅擅長唱歌、彈鋼琴、以及作詞作曲,更會演奏十多種中國樂器, 如竹笛、洞簫、排簫、古箏、琵琶等。自她獲得2015年芝加哥華裔親善小姐冠軍以來,張羽琪共贏得5個國家級和世界級的選美比賽冠軍。2017年,她摘得了國際中國小姐後冠。她也曾榮獲2017年CCTV發現之旅頻道世界華商形象大使芝加哥賽區冠軍,后晋级为2018年CCTV發現之旅頻道世界華商形象大使美國賽區縂冠軍。2020年,她從千名選手中脫穎而出,獲得​璀璨星世界小姐皇冠大使全球總冠軍。除此之外,她在音樂才藝方面獲得了無數榮譽和20多個金獎。2018年, 張羽琪獲得了中國原創歌曲大賽美國賽區一等獎。2019年,張羽琪作為唯一亞裔傳統器樂演奏家應邀登上美國達人秀的舞台。2019年,她的原創音樂單曲《Flying High》被美中電影節評選授予最佳MV獎。2020年她獲得了由亞洲躍動電影節頒發的居家令電影片最搞笑短片獎。她的其他音樂代表作包括《海的泡沫》、《溫暖》、《月光城堡》等等。



張羽琪經常應邀參加各大演出活動, 有五百余場大型舞臺表演經驗。她曾為250多位國家首腦、大型企業總裁以及其他社會名人,如美國前總統奧巴馬、加拿大總理賈斯汀·特魯多、微軟前董事長比爾·蓋茨、阿里巴巴集團董事局主席馬雲、彭博有限合夥企業創始人邁克·彭博,Vogue美國時尚雜誌總編安娜·溫特、以及世界名模辛迪·克勞馥等演奏中國竹笛。除此之外,張羽琪也和許多公司合作並成為很多品牌的代言人。她也被佛羅里達州官方旅遊局授予旅遊形象大使稱號, 并主演了走遍佛羅里達系列宣傳片。張羽琪為很多知名品牌如Google谷歌、Apple蘋果、United Airlines美聯航、Ferarri法拉利、Ecolab藝康化工集團、Brita碧然德淨水器、Uniqlo優衣庫等代言并拍攝了廣告片。



張羽琪熱愛參加公益活動, 經常為孤兒、老人、殘障家庭以及貧困社區募捐演出, 也非常致力於環球生態環境的改善。她於2020年被頒發全球清潔環境大獎,2017年獲得芝加哥美籍亞裔聯合會社區服務典範獎,2015年被MQ雜誌評為芝加哥新興領導人。她擔任的榮譽職務有:美國範德庫克音樂學院年輕校董、北美華文傳媒協會副會長、以及美國米開朗基羅項目基金會形象大使等。



















  • 2020年從千名選手中脫穎而出獲得​璀璨星世界小姐皇冠大使全球總冠軍

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  • 2014年第十一屆芝加哥大學好聲音大賽評委


  • 2014年第十屆芝加哥大學好聲音大賽評委





她與2019年1月發行原創單曲《Flying High》,同名專輯《Jennifer張羽琪》已經開始預售,受到了廣泛關注和好評。她的其他音樂代表作包括《溫暖》、《海的泡沫》、《月光城堡》等等。原創單曲《Flying High》的錄影帶在百餘名競爭者中拔得頭籌,被美中電影節評選獲得最佳MV獎。



“她精湛的琴藝,美麗的形象,吸引住了人們的目光,也陶醉了知音人。”這是星島日報對張羽琪的美贊。她曾經被很多大型主流的電視台和電台採訪,比如中央電視台、上海電視台、梨視頻、NBC、ABC、CBS、CMT、MTV、香港無線電視、夏威夷公共電台、西雅圖中文電台、KPTZ、KOWS、 WLUW 和 WMFT。她也被很多報紙和雜誌報道,包括芝加哥太陽報、芝加哥論壇報、Time Out雜誌、芝加哥雜誌、新華社、中新社、人民日報、英中時報、東方日報、壹周刊、Splash雜誌、Promo雜誌、Made雜誌、Haute Couture雜誌、Import Tuner雜誌等。張羽琪也登上了Angel Rising雜誌2016年10月刊的封面以及World Class Beauty Queens雜誌2017年3月刊的封面。



在音樂之外,張羽琪也是一位演員、模特、主持人以及製作人。她為很多品牌如優衣庫、藍月亮啤酒,Brita碧然德淨水器,Allegiance公司和Meijer超市等拍攝了廣告片、也是很多機構如伊利諾伊州杜佩奇郡、國際孔裔教育集團,和聯拓科技Noodoe智慧魔方等的代言人。她也被佛羅里達州旅遊局授予中國旅遊形象大使稱號,并主演了走遍佛羅里達國語系類官方旅遊宣傳片。她同時是許多大型時裝发布会的走秀模特,也獲得了很多平面模特的荣誉獎項。作為演員,張羽琪参与了NBC熱播美劇《芝加哥警署》的拍摄,也在美國最大的亞裔話劇院A-Squared Theater的舞臺劇《一個女孩應該做的,等等》(《A Girl's Gotta Do, Etc.》)中担任女主演。張羽琪也曾擔任WNDZ 750am的新聞主播和節目主持,也擔任過許多重大晚會的主持工作,同時也製作過許多大型音樂活動,音樂錄影帶和教育類節目。



張羽琪經常身體力行參加社會,环保和公益活動。作為Jeneration Capital & Entertainment的主席,她被選為易世界傳媒集團主任、芝加哥美籍亞裔博物館董事,和范德庫克音樂學院年輕校董。除了擔任西北大學中國區官方校友會的創始人,她也是北美華文傳媒協會副會長中國海外教育基金會宣傳大使、以及美國米開朗基羅項目基金會形象大使等。她於2015年被授予MQ雜誌新興領導人獎,於2017年獲得芝加哥美籍亞裔聯合會社區服務典範獎,於2020年被總部位於首爾的Action for Clean Environment整潔環境行動機構頒發全球清潔環境大獎。













































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